Ditex Policy

NOVA DITEX is today one of the most important Italian companies in the trade of spare parts for Injection Systems and engines in general, present with our sales activity also in Europe and in many countries on all continents.

The quality of its products, the service offered and the dynamism of the company have been the key to the success of NOVA DITEX from its birth to today and the values ??it still believes in in order to continue to grow and establish itself in the aftermarket sector.

Focus on the customer, management of relations and partnerships with suppliers, innovation and corporate reorganization, involvement and continuous updating of employees, are the key elements at the basis of the improvement of NOVA DITEX activities.; fundamental principles that must lead to the full satisfaction of the customer and all relevant interested parties.

This strong corporate will translates into the definition and application of actions and objectives to be achieved, both at an organizational and service level, considering the data analysis of the quality system and the changes in the context and sector in which we operate, with a view to continuous improvement of our performances. The main points on which NOVA DITEX is committed are:

  • ensure that its activities are carried out in compliance with the current laws and regulations applicable to our organization and with other obligations entered into with customers and relevant interested parties;
  • ensure the integration of quality management system requirements into the organization's business processes;
  • promote the use of the process approach and risk-based thinking, ensuring the availability of the resources necessary for the quality management system;
  • launch personnel training, information and awareness activities on relevant issues, company objectives and results achieved, so that everyone feels involved and responsible for carrying out their work and is aware of the importance of their activities;
  • establish ever more timely, effective and efficient methods of communication, both internally with the personnel of the organization and externally with the customer, suppliers and other relevant interested parties;
  • pursuing assiduous and constant collaboration with suppliers in order to activate relationships based on joint growth, with particular reference to its own suppliers of ....;
  • guarantee the highest quality and reliability of the product offered, an always updated range of products, for variety of items and coverage of the circulating car park
  • offer its customers a fast, reliable service and constant technical support to meet the most varied requests from our customers in real time;
  • promptly monitor the perception of customer satisfaction, through a careful understanding of implicit and explicit requests from the first contact with our operators.

Management assumes responsibility for ensuring that the aforementioned Policy is understood and implemented at all levels of the organisation, as well as supported by relevant management roles through training, participation and support of adequate resources; it is also disclosed to suppliers, partners of our organization according to a logic of proactivity and sensitivity towards continuous improvement of performance.

The stated objectives are controlled and pursued by the Management itself through targeted actions in line with the business strategies, during the Review.