Diagnosis and Control Multipurpose Platform for Multibrand Fuel Injection Systems

Recommended Digital Delivery Metering Instrument EDX450 Totem (not included)

CAP. 01 Universal Digital Test Bench EDX611D 40th

CAP. 02 Standard Equipment for Common-Rail Pumps Testing on Diesel Test Bench (with Simulators)

CAP. 03 Standard Equipment for Common-Rail Pumps Repair on Work Bench

CAP. 04 Standard Equipment for Common-Rail Injectors Testing on Diesel Test Bench (with Simulators)

CAP. 05 Disassembly/Reassembly Reconditioning/Calibrating Common-Rail Injectors Standard Equipment

CAP. 06 Disassembly/Reassembly Reconditioning/Calibrating Unit Injector/Unit Pump Standard Equipment

CAP. 07 Diagnosis and Control Sistem UIS/UPS/PDE/PLD Pump/Injector Unit "Spartan"

CAP. 08 DP210 Delphi Pump Fasing

CAP. 09 "Giuditta" Press to Disassembly/Reassembly Common-Rail Injectors/Pumps

CAP. 10 "Trickytec" Multibrand Injectors Calibration Device 

CAP. 11 DX75480 Lapping Machine

CAP. 12 Device and Tools to Recondition PDE-PLD Injectors Solenoids

CAP. 13 DX76010 Work Bench

CAP. 14 DX76070 Work Bench

CAP. 15 DX73782 High Voltage Tester

CAP. 16 DX73186 Injector Tester

CAP. 17 Dynamometric Wrench and Connections for Common-Rail Pumps and Injectors

CAP. 18 Connectors Plug Boxes Catalogue

CAP. 19 Unit Injector/Unit Pump Disassembly/Reassembly Tools Kit

CAP.20 DX75391 Digital Micrometer Gauge

CAP.21 DX75952 Mini-Drill Kit

CAP.22 DX76100 Movable Trolley

CAP. 24 Additives for Fuel Injection Systems

CAP. 25 Spare Parts Injectors vrs. 1.0

CAP. 26 DX75194 Surface Reconditioning  Injector Kit

CAP. 27 "HEUI-Genius" HEUI Injectors Diagnosis Equipment

CAP. 28 Movable Work Station with PC for Test Bench 

CAP. 29 Adapter Cables 

CAP. 30 Disassembly/Reassembly Reconditioning/Calibrating HEUI Injectors Standard Equipment

CAP. 32 Reparation Kit for the Wiring Injection System 

CAP. 33 Electronic Digital Advance Tester DX73820

CAP. 01B Available Fittings

"Light" Spare Parts Catalogue 2010